Paints mixing

For our costumers we mix acrylate based paints for plastic and put them into the spray bottles.
We are able to provide a total sameness of colour tone and matt by the comparison of each batch with a controlled customer sample, we mix the paints to reach individual customers´ needs. Due to spray application, our packing is suitable for surface imperfections removing and masking.
Our paint is characterized by a very fast drying time T < 30 min and it could be applied on all types of plastics (PE, PP, PU, PC, ABS etc.), vinyl and leather.
The paint shows a perfect adhesion to extremely smooth surfaces, a painted surface keeps its unchanged structure thanks to a really thin coat, and the paint is even suitable for  mechanically stressed parts.
Our corrective paints could be applied to the production process to reduce an amount of plastic parts defects.

Protective spraying

We offer  an anti-scrapping and anti-slippery spraying of car-bodies and storage spaces of vehicles. The spraying is based on an epoxide polyurethan base filled with kevlar, that provides a maximum protection against mechanical damage for a vehicle even in case of an extreme stress.
The spraying provides both an extremely hard and flexible coat for the treated surfaces, that is resistant to chemical and oils. The paint makes an anti-slippery surface structure.
We are able to provide a dyeing of a spraying according to the costumer´s requirements.


Special coatings

Teflon Coating

We make a teflon surface finish of metal parts to improve their functional surface properties. A functional teflon coat provides temperature resistance, reduces adhesion, increases sliding and it is anti-scrapping.
We are able to provide a coat dyeing according to the customer´s requirements.