Car interior is the most stressed part of a vehicle that is affected by ageing proces, wearing and climate. Its damage cuts down a value of a vehicle, that´s why we offer its restoration to the original state.
Renovator provides a clomplex refresh, that gives back an original  aesthetic value, properties and functionality of a car interior.
We make repairs, soldering and reinforcement of plastic parts, and also restorations of leather and artifical leather parts.
We can even restore any damaged texture and give it back its original colour tone using our mixed paints.
We offer both local or complex interior colour change.

Railway carriages

Our company has a long time experience with railway carrriages interior restoration projects for train units of the Czech Railways. We offer prototype and custom-built works focused on an area of plastic parts surface restoration.
We provide assembly, disassembly and completing of interior parts in place or in our specialized workplace.
Our portfolio includes regular maintenance of Pendolino and Railjet units, Bcmz, WLABmz, Bee, Bmpz, WRmz Ampz train units.
Above and beyond a common interior restoration we can make a renovation  of dining and sleeping compartments, sanitation and doors.
We provide paint mixing according to the customer´s requirements.

Planes and boats


We provide complex restoration of boat interiors, repairs of hulls that are mechanically damaged and construction of interior parts. We make boats surface coating, antifoulings coating including protection against osmosis.  We also offer varnishing including anti-algas coating.


We provide restorations of interior plastic parts, seats and sanitation.